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 Exciting Mentoring Journey with BEYOU!!!

 Read some highlights from our Youth Worker Elena Lara's journey:

- What caught your attention about the BEYOU project to participate as a youth worker?

“I was contacted by a university professor. I love helping people and he knew it would be good for me personally. It's a bit of a reflection of what I want to be for others.”

- How was the experience in the Youth Workers' peer-learning in Agrigento? “Arriving in Agrigento was nerve-wracking, but I conquered it. There everyone formed great bonds. I think it was because we all shared common goals.”

- What impact has it had on you professionally and personally? “It’s been eye-opening. Also, a reality check. Personally, it's been transformative. It shifted my mindset.”

- How do you see yourself in the role of mentor? “It's so similar to being a teacher, which is what I want to do. I don't want to be just a teacher. Just like Bruno helped me, I want to be that role model for my students. To empower them.

Working with the young people from Spain, I see a bit of myself years ago in them. Wanting to fix the world and trying to do it all. I hope they learn that small actions have big impacts. You don't have to change the world, just your home, your street, your neighbourhood. It all adds up. That's the lesson I hope they take away. There's so much unfairness, but what you do day by day will shape the future of society."

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