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"CreACTIV Project: Personal Development and Inclusion through Theatre for Hearing Impaired Adolescents in Craiova"

In a world where access to education and personal development is essential for all young people, including those with hearing impairments, the CreACTIV project comes to offer unique opportunities in this regard. This innovative project, carried out within the BEYOU Project Incubator and supported by ANDCTR, is an outstanding initiative for the inclusion and development of teenagers in the Craiova community.


The CreACTIV project was born out of the desire to provide hearing-impaired teenagers with access to personal development workshops through non-formal learning methods applied through theatre games. With the support of professional actors and young Antonio, together with his mentor Lautentiu, the initiative became a reality, with the main objective of creating a link between the community and theatre.


The personal development workshops are facilitated by professional actors, who use theatre games to create an engaging and interactive environment. These non-formal learning methods have already proven their ability to stimulate creativity, self-confidence and communication skills in participants, giving them the opportunity to express themselves and develop their potential in a unique and engaging way.


Although the CreACTIV project is still ongoing, the first results and feedback received are encouraging. Participants have shown increased enthusiasm for the theatre workshops and have developed essential skills in areas such as artistic expression, collaboration and mutual understanding. In addition, the project helped to promote inclusion and diversity in the local community, highlighting the extraordinary potential of young people with hearing impairments.


The CreACTIV project is an eloquent demonstration of the power of art and non-formal education in transforming the lives of young people. Through its innovative approach and active community involvement, this project demonstrates that every individual has the right to education and personal development, regardless of the difficulties they face.


On its way to success, the CreACTIV project reminds us that every obstacle can be overcome through creativity, determination and solidarity. Let's continue to support initiatives that promote the inclusion and personal development of all young people, in order to build together a fairer and more equitable society for all.



"In every line spoken on stage and in every applause from the audience, we discover that hearing is not the only sense that brings us together. In the light of art and creativity, we learn that the soul knows no barriers to communication and that every smile and every gesture fulfils us in a unique and profound way."

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