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"SENZORIAL Project: Promoting Inclusion and Social Cohesion Through Physical Activity and Connection with Nature"

In an effort to encourage social responsibility and innovation among young people and to harness the change brought about by new generations, the SENZORIAL project has come to life in the Craiova community. The initiative, winner of the selection process, proposes workshops to promote physical activity and communion with nature as a factor of social cohesion between children with disabilities and typical young people in the city.

The "SENZORIAL" project aims to create opportunities for integration and connection between children with disabilities and typical young people in Craiova through workshops focused on physical activity and interaction with nature. With Tudoran Andreea in the role of project coordinator, the initiative runs from February to May 2024, with the main aim of promoting inclusion and social cohesion in the community.

To bring the project to life, a partnership agreement has been signed with the Association Zâmbetul Evei, an organisation dedicated to supporting children with special needs. Together, the two entities will organise 4 thematic workshops, with titles such as "The World of Plants", "On the Rabbit's Trail", "An Evening of Storytelling" and "On the Rabbit's Trail", scheduled between 20 April and 25 May.

These workshops aim not only to promote physical activity and connection with nature, but also to stimulate positive social interactions between children with disabilities and ordinary young people. It is anticipated that participants will benefit not only from an educational and recreational experience, but also from a greater understanding and empathy towards others.

The 'SENZORIAL' project is an eloquent example of how young people and community organisations can work together to promote social inclusion and cohesion in an active and tangible way. Through physical activities and interaction with nature, new opportunities for connection and understanding are opened up between members of different groups in the community.

In light of this inspiring project, let's continue to engage in initiatives that promote inclusion and strengthen connections between community members. Through our collective efforts, we can create a more empathetic and friendly environment for all residents of our city.

Tudoran Andreea

"At every step of the SENZORIAL project, we discover that each individual brings with them not only a story, but also the power to build a more inclusive and empathetic community together. By connecting with nature and through physical activities, we not only strengthen our bodies, but also our social connections, highlighting the beauty of diversity and the power of solidarity."

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