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"Young People Take Attitude: A Local Initiative Against Bullying in Craiova"

In a world where bullying among young people is still a major problem, local initiatives are becoming increasingly important in combating this phenomenon. One such project, called "Young People Take Attitude", was born in Craiova, with the main aim of fighting bullying through topical non-formal educational methods. The initiative is the result of collaboration between the local organisation ANDCTR and the BE YOU platform, offering young people in Craiova a valuable opportunity to get involved in the fight against bullying.


The project "Young People Take Attitude" was born out of the expertise accumulated in previous activities of ANDCTR, which focused on various related projects. The opportunity offered by BE YOU was crucial in the implementation of this initiative in the community of Craiova. Starting from the observation that students, pupils and high school students are often exposed to bullying in various contexts, the project focused on developing and promoting effective strategies to prevent and combat this phenomenon.


One of the distinctive features of the project is the use of non-formal educational methods, adapted to the specific needs and interests of young people in Craiova. Thus, workshops, discussion sessions and practical activities were organised to involve participants in an interactive and engaging way. From role plays and debates to improvisation exercises and multimedia content creation, the project tackled bullying in an innovative and accessible way.


Although the project is still ongoing, early results and feedback are encouraging. Participants showed an increased interest in the topic and developed essential skills in conflict management and empathetic communication. In addition, the project has contributed to raising community awareness of bullying issues and promoted a climate of mutual understanding and support.


Initiatives such as "Young People Take Action" demonstrate the power and relevance of local action in combating bullying and promoting a safe and inclusive educational and social environment. By actively involving young people and using innovative methods of education and awareness-raising, the project is an important step towards building a more equal and responsible society.


In the fight against bullying, every initiative counts. "Young People Take Action is just one example of the extraordinary potential of young people to make a positive change in their community. By continuing and expanding these efforts, together we can build a future where bullying becomes a distant memory.


Ovidiu Deaconescu

"With every gesture of involvement in the 'Youth Take Action' project, we are not only building a safer and more empathetic future for ourselves, but also for the entire community. Every step I take in this direction is a statement that I am more involved and part of the change"

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